paper valentine


The thing with really beautiful and dark stories is that we tend to hold onto them. They gnaw at our hearts and even years later, we can recall them almost immediately. The same often happens with memories.

I picked this book up because I had already read one of the author’s books. It was one that I immediately wanted to read more of, but it had only recently come out. So as I waited for something new, time passed and I stopped thinking about it. I found other books to read.


“Paper Valentine” stabbed me right in the heart. Although not precisely the same (I mean, I haven’t met any murderers that I know of and my best friend hasn’t died yet), there were moments that reminded me of my own childhood.


I took this photo when I was still living in my hometown.This book brought me closer. I was reminded of my first boyfriend, my friend’s illness and my own struggle to make it through. Ariel was so much like my little sister used to be and despite the dark themes in the book, it made me feel at home.

I guess I’m really bad at recommending books to others. For me, it is never about “this is such a good story” or “this one is written so dreadfully,” but more like moments in time. “I wouldn’t recommend this book to you now,” I said to a friend when she asked me, if it was worth giving it a shot. It was a sunny day and she was grinning like a madman, happy with everything in her life. “But if you wait a while, I think you’ll love to read it.” Especially on a rainy day, curtains drawn in a dark room. When your heart beats so loud you can feel it. When you’re not happy, but not sad either.

“Paper Valentine” was a thrilling read, yet comfortable and cozy all the same. When I was finished, that’s how I felt. Sweet. Happy. Childish.


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