where she went

When you read a lot, there’s bound to be a moment of “what next?” The lives of the characters continue outside the pages, the shelves grow lighter and you run out of books to read. Especially, if you’re a picky reader like me.

About a week ago, I was elected as a member of a board of directors to a not-so-small-but-not-quite-large organisation. “What have I gotten myself into?” I muttered to myself, as the results were announced. In fact, I only agreed to be a candidate because I thought I’m not popular enough to be voted in. The joke ended up being on me. My mother had only one comment on that: “Well, you’ve never liked new things.”


With books, it’s a bit like that as well. When I find a series or an author I love very much, I stay loyal to them. And even if I don’t like the book very well, I’m very likely to read the second book in that series as well. That is, when I don’t have anything better to read.

My trips to the library have been rather disappointing. I can’t find anything new or what interests me. At the same time, I would like to avoid rereading books. I want new experiences, new emotions.That’s the only reason I picked up this book.


The first twenty pages were terrible and I was very annoyed with it, but I wanted to know: where did she go? And perhaps more importantly, why? Eventually, either the style got better or I got used to it. Yet throughout the entire book, I felt that if I didn’t know it to be Adam’s point of view, I would think the main character was a female. The story itself seemed kind of weak – why would the author want to change the point of view, switching from one book to another? I guess an accurate description of how I felt at the beginning of the book would be something like this:


My opinion on the book changed, however, as the time passed and I got more into it. It was far from perfect, but for some moments, it felt rather cozy. It was a lovely read and for entertainment purposes, I was glad to have picked it. Adam, despite his gruff attitude and anxiety, was quite a sweetheart.


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