Suicide Notes


How many disappointing books people read in their life? I guess that depends on how “disappointing” is defined. Is it merely the bad style? The weak story line? Or is it the combination of these two and more?

After reading this book, I was mad for quite some time. I kept pacing around in the kitchen and drinking ridiculous amounts of cold water. Then I stomped home and hoped it would just miraculously feel better. It didn’t.

The reality is that I come from a privileged environment, somewhat like the main character, and there have been many things that I would consider unlucky and have decided never to talk about certain topics. Suicide is not one of them.

This book felt like a mockery to me. As an older sister to a 16-year old girl, I can vividly remember what a 15-year old would be like. I was very surprised to realize that this was the age of the main character, as I would have maybe guessed them to be 13 at most. The entire style put me off.

The story itself wasn’t that bad, although without spoilers, it’s very hard to point out what exactly was unappealing to me. Psychology, maybe? The ending The parts where we found out why the main character had attempted suicide? It was too unrealistic for me – maybe because I couldn’t understand it. (And depression is still my best friend.)

Anyway, regardless of my thoughts: eat greens, drink water, breathe. Life does get better eventually.



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