the Name of the Star


Few books leave me clutching the borrowed book in my hands, thinking how on Earth did I land on this one. As you can read on the cover, Cassandra Clare describes it as “A gorgeously written, chilling, atmospheric thriller.” I don’t agree. It was more than that.

The book cover gives a lot of information on the main story – murders that are taking place in London which are possibly Jack the Ripper’s. The best part? This is just the first book in a series.


Considering my low expectations for ‘books nowadays’, it should come as a no surprise that I’ve been proved wrong again. The story takes place in London at Wexford boarding school and the main character is a teenage girl from Louisiana, USA. That didn’t sound very promising, but I decided to give it ago. After all, my only boarding school experiences in fiction have been in Harry Potter and the movie Wild Child. I expected the story to go like the latter with amazing girl personality transformation and cute guys with just a dash of crime and darkness.

Basically, from this kind of story ^ to this:

giphy (1)

If I wasn’t so starstruck, I would applaud Maureen Johnson. This book has left me itching to go to the library and get the following book, but I’ll have to wait for a few hours before I can do that.

There was romance, cute moments, but the center of the story was murder. Not in a gruesome, disgusting way like for example in Giorgio Faletti’s “I kill” (reading that book was terrifying), but in a terribly gripping way. It was incredibly hard to put it down when I had to go to sleep.

I don’t generally rate books books with five stars (nor with single-stars) on Goodreads, but this is one of the few that got it. Why? Because the story was entirely up my alley and it was incredibly well-written. Not to mention I am dying to read some more.


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