Skinny Bitch


What on Earth I had in mind when I requested this book on Bookmooch all those years ago? However, once I had it, I had no other choice but to add it to my to-read pile of books. Finally, I picked it up and decided to “get through with it.” It was the last book of my goodreads reading challenge, before I extended it.

First, I would like to give a round of applause for myself, for actually getting through with this book, and for the authors, for a book that says so much, yet nothing at all.


You don’t need to be an expert at nutrition to realize that this book is purely promotional. I don’t think I learned anything new from this book, even though I liked the message of “Mind what you eat.” That’s probably the only thing I liked.

What does it promote? Certainly not an healthy lifestyle. Some topics the book does touch are chemicals in food industry, animal mistreatment, the corruption of certain government organisations. While I believe it’s lovely to care about such things, it can also be very misleading and it doesn’t really tell you what your body needs to function properly.

The diet that the book promotes reminds me of a few years back, when the things I did to my body were not the kindest. Of course, I lost tons of weight like that. Did that make me healthy? No. Was I happier? Only a little.

Weight does not make happiness. A lot of other things do – including good lifestyle. Weightloss is a perk, not a goal. The goal is happiness.



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