The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

Some days, you just need a good pick-me-up book. After reading a giant pile of books for university, this was exactly what I needed. It had collected dust on my dorm bookshelf for a couple of months. Then, it was time for it to be read.


It was a nice and fluffy story about books and love. Something I probably would have discarded as ridiculously sweet, if that wasn’t exactly what I needed. It granted me a good break and I discovered: romance can be really well-written. Jenny Colgan’s style was nearly perfect for my short break before the new semester began.

It was incredibly easy to imagine the entire story. It was perfectly balanced: Nina’s anxiousness and uncertainty about her capabilities at the beginning was, for me, very easy to relate to, even though who she’d end up with seemed also rather obvious. The idea of a bookshop in a van was also rather enjoyable. The places she went to, the short romance with Marek, Nina’s friendship with her old roommate – they were delightful to read.

While most romance stories leave me feeling unsatisfied, this didn’t and this is why I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a break. Romance stories can be good and “The Little Shop of Happy Ever After” proved it to me all over again.


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