All the Bright Places

When I finally put this book away, it was late in the night. Tears were streaming down my face and when my boyfriend turned from his PC to ask me if I was alright, I could only nod. Of course I wasn’t. So he gave me a strong hug and this is what I told him.


I really hate books like that. I hate how the characters creep into your heart and then crush it from the inside. I hate how the heart swells up and then bursts and even the strongest hugs can’t completely take it away. This is what it means to lose someone.

When I started the book, I expected a quick read and something very much John Green, whose works I’ve recently grown tired of. It was a quick read and while it was somewhat similar to “The Fault in Our Stars,” this lingered on my mind for longer.

Violet Markey reminded me of my younger sister. That made reading the book somewhat more entertaining. I could simply not imagine Violet climbing to the bell tower and meeting Finch. I couldn’t imagine Finch being there either. What kind of world do we live in? These characters were representations of mental illnesses, the story about how they’re perceived. But somehow, when I read them, they also felt fake. It was hard to see the character behind the mental illness. But hey – that’s how things are in this world these days. Everyone talks great about how we should see the person behind the illness. We should, yes, but mostly, we still don’t.


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