paper valentine


The thing with really beautiful and dark stories is that we tend to hold onto them. They gnaw at our hearts and even years later, we can recall them almost immediately. The same often happens with memories.

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if i stay


With some books, you run out of words to say before you even open your mouth. You want to hold them, hug them and keep all of the story to yourself. But when you do start talking, you can’t stop. The words flow out and everything is different. You are different.

I didn’t want to read this book at first. It seemed cold and fragile, and my icy fingers needed some warm pages to turn. “If only I was a few years younger when this book came out, I would have loved it.” I said. After all, with some books, your soul requires a certain kind of emptiness to be filled. And the book fits.

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unnecessary beginnings


As heavy raindrops fall like a grey curtain, there is nothing that I want more than wrapping myself in a blanket and cuddling up with a good book. Perhaps get a cup of hot chocolate, rest my head on a heavy hardcover and linger. It is decently cold here, the summer weather turned to early winter, so it would be perfect to warm this healing heart.

During the last few weeks, I’ve devoured more books than I’ve cared to remember.Yet I have hardly written a word. Today, I started reading Markus Zusak’s “I am the messenger” and I am halfway through. The ugly, neon pink sticky note marks the 51% of the book. The pages smell like dust.

I don’t borrow many books from library, preferring to stack up my own bookshelves. Taking care of them takes forever. Though there is nothing more comforting than that.